Frosted Cinny Buns x Knead Love Bakery

Monty's and Knead Love all in one jar. It's a frosted cinny bun dream, made with Knead Love's much-loved recipe (with a base of hand-milled sourdough & regional whole grains) and frosted with Monty's cultured cashew cream cheese, all naturally sweetened and made with REAL HIGH VIBE ingredients, because that's what we're both about!

Dreamy Dairy Free, Gluten Free cinnamon bun decadence layered with lightly sweetened cultured cashew cream cheese. Tangy & sweet, with whole pieces of cinnamon roll for the perfect "cake in a jar" vibe bite. 

Cinny Bun Ingredients
organic oat flour
buckwheat flour
organic tapioca flour
organic maple syrup
organic coconut milk
organic sourdough starter (organic brown rice)
organic coconut sugar
baking powder
organic ceylon cinnamon
organic flaxseeds
organic fair-trade palm shortening
Tahitian Vanilla
baking soda
organic psyllium husk
Himalayan sea salt
& the frosting
organic cashews
organic maple syrup
vanilla extract
sea salt

Pure, unadulterated cultured cashew cheese made with just a few simple ingredients. 100% Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic & Non-gmo. Free from oil, emulsifiers, lecithins, gums, and HPP (higher pressure pasteurization). Contains live probiotics!

Allergen Statement:
Contains Cashews.

montys cream cheese